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Which Home Improvements Will Give the Greatest Return on Your Investment

Which remodeling ideas will bring the biggest return on your investment?  Recent data suggests that less is more.  One simple idea to improve both curb appeal and value to your home is to replace your front door.  If the structure of the door is in good shape, re-coat it with fresh paint or varnish (if it’s a wood door) to make it look brand new.  Not sure if you have the know-how to refinish your front door?  Let me know and I’ll be glad to give you the name of good, professional painters in the area.

While replacing a door is relatively inexpensive, it can be a difference maker in the  attractiveness of your home and possibly bring more buyers should you be selling your home.  If you choose to completely replace your front door, you will likely recoup 91% of the cost with a steel door and 69.6% with a fiberglass door , according to the COST vs VALUE Report (see website below).

Whether you live in your dream house and want to find cost effective ways  to improve it or are preparing your house for sale,  it is good to know what gives you the most value for your investment.


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