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Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza is Coming to Denver?!


Good news for Chicago natives in Colorado, Giordano’s is coming to Denver!  According to several articles and word of mouth, those of us that have moved from Chicago to Colorado will finally have authentic Chicago-style pizza!

Upon moving here I have sought a good pizza and have tried more than a few restaurants.  While some are good in their own right, none compare to my favorites from Chicago, one of which is Giordano’s.  While the Giordano’s website does not show Denver in their Coming Soon list, the news of a franchise coming to Denver is enough to confirm it for me.

It only makes sense, as there are plenty of Chicago natives here in Colorado.  I went to a Cubs-Rockies game here in Denver several years ago and there appeared to be more Cubs fans in the stadium than Rockies fans.  Now all we need is a Portillo’s 🙂

What impact will this have on the real estate market here?  Likely property values will skyrocket 😉  But seriously, it will at least make a lot of Chicago natives happy.

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