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Should You Use a Real Estate Broker or Try For Sale by Owner?

Buying and selling a home is an emotional process.  You need someone with objectivity and expertise to support you through the process.  You can get some relief in those stressful moments from a real estate broker that understands your situation and can help give you perspective with factual information and experience.

Real estate brokers tend to get more money for the sale of your home than for sale by owner (FSBO’s).  This is because they have access to the tools to do a proper market analysis.  Brokers also understand the process from the initial listing of your property all the way through closing.  Further, brokers have the tools to market your property so that more buyers will see it.   Being a RE/MAX Alliance broker commands a large market audience due to international branding via the internet, media and local advertising.   This means more eyes will see your property.

According to NAR’s 2014 Profile of Buyers and Sellers (, 88% of sellers used real estate brokers because they wanted assistance in marketing their property, they wanted to sell their home within a specific time frame and they wanted to be able to price their home competitively.

The 2013 edition of the same report indicated that on average, FSBO’s sell their homes for $40,000 less than sellers that use real estate brokers.  Working with an broker will get you more for your property and will get it sold quicker.  This will likely cover the cost of any commission you pay out and may put more money in your pocket than if you tried to sell by yourself.

A real estate broker can represent you in the process from listing to closing and handle things that the average seller isn’t knowledgeable of, and quite frankly can be very stressful if one doesn’t know how to navigate the process.  Things like handling inspection objections or appraisal issues are best negotiated through a broker.  Information is a commodity, especially in real estate.  Not having the proper information or representation can be costly.

If you do FSBO, know that any buyer represented by a broker will be trying to get the best deal for their client.  This means they may take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience when negotiating.  They have no obligation to educate you or advocate for you.

Let me if you have further questions or need a real estate broker to represent you.  I would be glad to represent you as your broker.

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