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Oak Meadows Neighborhood in Firestone is a Great Place to Live!

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After talking with multiple residents in the Oak Meadows neighborhood, several common themes came up as to why they love living there.

First, they enjoy the quiet community.  Tucked just far enough away from I-25, they don’t hear road traffic.  Also, residents remarked that the neighbors tend to keep quiet as well.

Residents also like the sense of community they experience.  The neighbors are friendly and will help each other out if need be.  There are also many activities sponsored by the HOA, especially for younger children.  Activities such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, community yard sale and an annual community BBQ are ways the HOA brings the neighbors together.  The HOA conveniently keeps members up to date with their Facebook page.

Another great feature of Oak Meadows and the surrounding Firestone area is that you get more bang for your buck with real estate!  While residents have enjoyed appreciating property values, they tend to get more home for their money than their neighbors to the west, such as Longmont.  Living just east of I-25 will give you more for your money and easy access to the Interstate without all of the traffic that those may experience in larger neighboring cities.

Oak Meadows is conveniently close to I-25 which allows residents to get easy access to areas all over the Front Range and Denver.  Within the city itself, residents remarked that they like the convenience of having their own grocery store nearby (King Soopers) and a Home Depot.  Also nearby are several restaurants, gas stations and an American Furniture Warehouse.  Not only are these establishments conveniently close, there is also minimal traffic!

The Firestone area is continuing to grow so before too long it will be its own metropolis.  Firestone is truly a community in motion!


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