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Month: February 2017

Does Your Home Need a Fresh Coat of Paint? Here’s a Tip on Finding the Perfect Color.

Is it time for all or part of your house to get a fresh coat of paint?  Not sure what colors you want to use or how they’ll look when painted on a wall?  Here is a helpful tip that lets you get an idea of what the color will look like before you invest in a do-it-yourself project or hire a professional.

There are several paint companies that have online programs that allow you to preview their colors.  In this post we’ll look at the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer that allows you to use their existing scenes or upload your own photos.  You can then choose paint colors for different substrates in each scene and then get a nice visual of what the colors will look like.

For color options, you can explore their colors or match a color from a photo.  If you’ve ever seen a photo that captured the perfect color you’re looking for, you can match it with this feature.  Under the Explore Color option, click on Match a Photo, then choose a photo to upload from your device.  Once uploaded and you accept their terms of use, the site will highlight specific points (seen as small circles on your picture) in your photo with color matches.  You can also move the circles to any point in your photo for a corresponding color match.  You can then click on the + sign for any color that you want to select for your color palette.  From there you can see those colors in various interior and exterior settings that they provide or use photos of your own home.


Choose which colors you like from your photo:


Compare different colors in the same scene to see which option you like better:

If you want to see colors offered by different brands, you can check out their official websites for similar color previewing programs.  For example, Benjamin Moore has their  Personal Color Viewer and Behr has their ColorSmart program.  Each of these sites provide a user friendly interface that allows you to see how colors will look in various room styles as well as exteriors.

When you are satisfied with the look you want, you can stop by your local paint store and pick up a sample quart to test it out first.  But what if you like a color from Benjamin Moore but want to use Behr paint?  Simple, bring a color swatch or color number from the Benjamin Moore palette to the store where you are buying Behr paint and they can do a color match.  Many professional paint stores and home supply stores will already have the formula on file for most paint brands.

Now you can capture that perfect color and beautify your home with it!  Happy painting!


About the author: Sean Gilliam is a Realtor® with RE/MAX Alliance in Northern Colorado and is a Certified New Home Specialist™.  Sean can be reached at or by phone at 970-313-6706.  For additional articles see Sean’s blog or to search for properties see his web page.

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