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Eclipse 2017

I remember the solar eclipse back in the early 1990’s when I was in college.  Though I didn’t have the gear to watch the sun, I noticed, by accident, walking across the campus of Eastern Illinois University that as the sun’s light went through the trees it left multiple crescent shapes among the shadows on the ground.  No one else around me seemed to notice but I was amazed at what I saw.  In those days we didn’t have smart phones so I couldn’t get any photos of it.  So when this eclipse came I watched for the phenomena and had to take some pictures!

What causes this is when the suns rays shine through the space between objects like leaves, pine needles, etc.  These spaces act like pinhole cameras such that when the suns rays shine through these openings they project a smaller image of the sun on the ground.  During an eclipse, the sun looks like a crescent and thus casts that image onto the ground.  That is my layman’s explanation anyway 🙂

Shadows through Ponderosa Pine



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